Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Yup, I'm Wrecked....

So I was sitting here looking over the faces.

Each with a little blurb written about them.

Most faces with a smile.

Some looking a bit scared.

Others laughing till their eyes are squinting shut.

And suddenly I spot her.

I gasp!

I know that face!!

I can't believe it!!

I would know her anywhere.

She's been waiting since we were pursuing Jubilee. 

Yes it's her!! 

Still waiting.


Oh friends, could it be her turn yet?

She's part of the Winter Hosting Program that Chinese Children is having.

Her and about a dozen others.

Could you open your home just for four weeks over Christmas?

It would change the life of an orphan forever!

And yes, it would change every life they come in contact with forever too. 

She's known as Qing.  And she reminds me so much of our Jubilee Promise.

The write-up about Qing says this:

Ten years turning eleven in the fall. She is a precious, darling girl. She does have delays but she’s really special and the right family would be incredibly blessed by her. She watched every single thing we did with such interest. She asked to sing us a song, at which point she sang us the sweetest song about mothers. Our translator was wrecked and began crying. She’s got such a tender heart that when she saw the translator crying, she started to cry. I sat her in my lap to finish the interview. She likes bananas and apples and likes to play with dolls. When I asked her what makes her most happy, it’s having dinner with her foster mom. She could count, copy shapes, knew her colors and could balance on both feet and jump off the floor with both feet. Her head is a bit misshaped. Precious, darling girl.   To listen to her precious song,
click here.


Then there's 


Yup, he's wheelchair bound
{but does use a walker}.

Here's what it says about him:

Nine years old. Wonderful! Wheelchair bound, can walk some with a walker. Incredibly caring and compassionate. His interview required that he and 2 other children be in the same room. The other two children were very delayed. He tried so very hard to assist me because he knew them well. One child was his roommate and that child wasn’t able to answer many questions. But, Fu told me what the child liked/disliked. So attentive during their interviews, wanting to help. Likes to color, draw and would rather stay inside. Can recite poems and recited one for me. If given 3 wishes, wanted 1) happiness for his friends 2) to give others a wish 3) nothing for himself. Could count to 100, knew his full name & colors. Seemed to have confidence in himself. Because he is mostly wheelchair bound, a host family will need to have someone with upper body strength to assist.  Able to take care of himself, such as eating and bathing.

Fu's write-up reminds me of my Nehemiah - always looking out for others.  
Just needing someone to say, "Come be my son.  I need you."  We do wheelchairs at our home.  
Not a biggie.  In fact, there are even perks!  We get the spots closest to the doors, right?  Last minute Christmas shopping with Fu would make life so easy - you can park right near the door - See!!

Could you be Fu's host family this Christmas?  The family who says, "We are going to change
Fu's future.  We will advocate for a family for him while he is here with us.  He will no longer
be a face on a web site, he will be known by our family and friends.  He will hear about Jesus.
He will be told about how much God loves him.  He will be loved.  And he will forever remember
the Christmas of 2014."    And perhaps in all of that lovin' a family will come forward from 
right around you for Fu.  


Or how about 


 Seven years old turning 8 this fall. SN is Downs Syndrome. 
She made eye contact but is basically non-verbal
She likes to dance and shared with us some of her choreographed 
moves by following along to her teacher with some music.

Here's a link to Zhi dancing.  
[Dare ya' to watch.] 


Could you open your heart
and home for just four weeks 
this Christmas?

For a full picture listing, click here... 

If you are interested in changing the life of 
some precious orphans forever, 
by serving for FOUR weeks this winter,
please email


Here's a link to the most FAQs.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Being a Friend of the Orphan

I humbly and tearfully report 
that all four of the Gem showers have 
achieved their goals -

dressing the Gems in their "care" and blessing them

And for that I say an enormous 

Thank You for being a friend of the orphan,

sweet bloggy friends - 

You guys are amazing!!

I confess I was a bit wary of posting the
virtual Gem Shower on Friday,
because Fridays are just not the most
trafficked day
for people to stop by
our Place Called Simplicity 
to see what was going on.

Of course I knew that if most stopped by,
they would want to help -
because you my friends have been
so generous to the orphan in the past!

All praise to Almighty God - 
He has done great things!!

With a team of some amazing women,
all the needs were met, even a few unexpected
and the Gems will be having a party to beat all parties
in a couple of weeks!!

Thank you so much for your kindheartedness 
and outpouring of love!

Special thanks to 


for being His hands and feet
and blessing me personally with such
wonderful help - you guys are the best!!

Almighty God used these precious women
and their teams in a huge way and 
I cannot thank them enough.

The suitcases will soon be filled
and speeding toward the precious Gems


Thank you again.


Friday, September 26, 2014

There's a Party Going on Near You! Please Come!

Oh friends - 

today is the day!!

The big event revealed!

We get to!!

And I am giddy.

Seriously, giddy!!

I am so excited to unveil one of the most joyful events I've had the 
privilege of being part of in a really, really long time.

Remember the wedding feast a few years ago?

A boatload of you gathered 


ties, shorts, undies, even personal pictures and letters

and together we had the amazing opportunity to dress the 
orphaned street boys 
for the wedding celebration of their lives?!!

And remember how a bloggy friend named Piper
donated her birthday gift card from Hobby Lobby 
{tears welling}
and purchased all 
the fixings to make boutonnieres for the street boys?

Never had the street boys, in their entire lives,
been given such love!

It was an unprecedented event!

You guys were so generous!

Then there was the crazy 

Oh my goodness!!

Backpacks poured in from all over the world

So thankful that drone thing wasn't delivering at
the time because we would have had drone crashes 
above our postal office with all the backpacks!

You guys were so stinkin' generous!

Can I just stop here and say - 

I love you guys!  
You are my dearest orphan lovin' friends!
You get it and you are so generous in your love!

So here's what we get to do today!

You are cordially invited to 'attend' a 
 virtual Gem Shower!

Yes!! We are going to shower the Gems with 
much needed shirts, shorts, jeans, jammies,
socks and even a few fun items!

Here's how it works:

I put out the call for help the other day and the help poured in.

I started emailing and calling, beginning with the first email
I received looking for bloggy friends to help me 
figure out how to keep it all straight and make
sure we find clothes and stuff for everyone....

The best way we figured to have this all work
was this:

You have the beautiful opportunity to 
one of the 


going on around the country
to bless
and help the treasures who live

Each hostess knows what is needed.

We're asking you to decide whose shower you want to attend, then email the hostess to see what you can 
"bring" to the shower for one of the Gems.

This request is for new items only, please. 

Each hostess has a small team in place under her that 
will help with what exactly is needed for who and what sizes
are needed.

Then you can shop online
without leaving your home and send it to the address
provided by your hostess.

The team of ladies that are going with me in October
will be receiving your gifts so they can bring the gifts with them!

Each hostess is inviting guests to 
generously Shower the Gems at their shower.

Meet the four hostesses:

Rebecca's shower
in New Mexico

has been 


Robin's shower 
New Jersey
has been

Kathryn shower
 has been

Kimmy's shower
has been

The wish list is that each
three new short sleeve shirts,
one long sleeve shirt
a sweatshirt,
three new pairs of gym shorts,
a pair of jeans
socks, socks, socks!

The pink Gems have a similar list.

Each guest can help by purchasing a single item
or any combination of any of the items
or all of the items!

Maybe you and your friends, Bible study or family
 would want to outfit one Gem yourselves
with the entire wish list....head to toe - 
just tell the hostess that!

Whatever you are able to do is deeply appreciated
and you will likely have the joy of seeing 
your clothes on the Gems if you peek in the days ahead

We need the gifts to be speeding toward 
the address given to you by your hostess by Monday,
No Backorders please!

These precious Gems have already 
endured such heartache, pain and loss 
in their short lives.

They have no mommy to shop for them.

They need us!! 

Let's bless them really good.

It's easy.
Just pick a hostess and shoot her an email. 

So would you rather "GO" to a GEM shower today in





New Jersey


New Mexico??

Email the hostess at the address provided above 
and you will be on your way!

Please invite your friends to join 
you at the shower!

**As soon as a shower is "FILLED" I will 
remove the email address of the hostess
and replace it with the word "FILLED".**

On behalf of the precious Gems,
 thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Help!! - Update in Red Below

Hey Sweet Bloggy Friends,

A very exciting orphan project happened across my path.  I am thrilled to be
part of it.

But being perfectly honest, there are some timely circumstances that are prohibiting
me from being able to do it without help.  Not to mention the joy of getting others

So here's what the Lord brought to mind:

What would happen if I threw it out to Bloggyland and asked friends to come
alongside and help me?

There has to be a few out there who have some "free" hours that are itching to
do something that makes a difference on the opposite side of the world!

Seriously, could it get any better?

I am in need of four, five or even six women to lend me a hand for the next
couple of days, perhaps even a week.  There is a special orphan project that needs
immediate attention and I confess right here and now that I can't do it myself.

I am looking for women who are willing to devote an hour or two each day for the next
few days - at the most a week.

Within a week the project will end and we will call it done.  You will have served the orphans
 and we will all praise the name of the Lord at what God has done.

Here's what each woman needs to help me:

1.  A computer
2.  A phone {We will need to talk throughout the project.}
3.  Email and/or Facebook and/or Instagram
4.  An hour each day to help for the next week
5.  A happy, cheerful attitude
6.  A woman who enjoys serving others with friends.
7.  It will only cost your time to help.
8.  Over 17 years old.

I'm very excited to see who will respond as I don't think I've ever reached out for help like this
before.  Which means, I will get to know a few bloggy friends 'up close'.
Yippee Jesus!

So if you can volunteer your time for a couple of hours over the next few days,
please email me:

UPDATE - - - - - - 

Thank you so much to each who have 
written and offered to serve.  

I am overjoyed by your helpful hearts!  

I am certain I have enough help now - 

thank you so much!

Yippee Jesus!

And if you did not get to volunteer this time 
around - 

The best is yet to come - 


Please do not respond to my Facebook account.  I am not able to keep up with emails at both
places.  This is *the* place to respond if you are interested in being one of the friends who helps me with this very special project.  

Thank you all so much!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

What Exactly Does Jesus Look Like?

Ever wonder what Jesus looks like?

Me too.

Of course, this question has been asked for forever and 
it's also something that Biblical scholars have 
talked about for 
for centuries.

The other day I saw something that
made me instantly say, 

"This is what Jesus looks like.  Right here."

If you haven't watched this video....

you must.

It is the story of an ordinary family
doing something 
extraordinarily beautiful.

I have cried each time I have watched it.

I want the Seaman family to be my neighbors.

They are my heroes.

And each time I watch it,
I see Jesus in their faces.

Jesus in their actions.

Jesus in their tender words.

This is exactly what He looks like.

My favorite two lines - 

Mr. Seaman talks about his precious wife: 

"In 20 years, 
I've never had occasion not 
to trust my wife's heart." 


Tricia Seaman about Tricia 

 "We loved her too.  We loved her too."  

But exactly what we all should be doing.

Being His hands and Feet.


So when others see us, they really see Him.

Every Single Day.

Oh me.  
I was undone.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Did You Guys See These Heroes?

Yesterday my sweet friend tagged my in this video she had posted on her
 Facebook wall.

This song has a extremely significant meaning to 
me, personally, as God used it to prophetically
tell me that we had an Elijah coming home,
although I had no idea where from!

Then He used it to tell me that it would 
be "days" till Elijah and Elizabeth came home
and "years" till Jubilee came home.

True to His word,
He did have a handsome little guy named Elijah
who we welcomed home

Elizabeth was His little surprise for me
{oh how I love surprises!}
Elijah and Elizabeth came home December 18, 2008
Jubilee came home December 24, 2009

He had whispered complete truth!!

So yesterday, the second I began to watch it, 
I began to cry, then I started to giggle and then to cheer.

I played it over and over and over.  

So often today our military is degraded and not 
treated with the respect they deserve.

They defend our country because they love our
country and they love our freedom!

These guys not only know this song,
they sing with the hand motions
they sing it with joy!

And the words couldn't be more true!

We are living in perilous days, at best.

But God is on the throne and He is riding in victory!!

Pray for our military with me!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Never a better time to find something you love.

Never a better season to begin to shop.

Never a better place to spend your hard earned money.

Knowing that every dollar of each purchase 
feeds orphans and the vulnerable street children in
Uganda and India.  

our feeding program to India!!  

There are few places that have this commitment 
and promise:

Every dollar spent on an item goes to feeding an orphan
or vulnerable street child.

Buy an item for $20 and $20 goes directly into our feeding program.

Not one penny is deducted for overhead.

It's a Win/Win


Check out some of the amazing things that
have been made and sent to the Orphan Wares site!

Thank you to all who donate their time and talents and crafts
to feed the orphans!

You guys are amazing!

Shop till you drop from the comfort of your own home!